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Dunes of Light

Soar through light and color in this collection of photographs revealing what seem like enormous, mythic seascapes in a faraway land.

immerse yourself in a world unseen

Visit our shop and find the perfect piece to elevate and transform your living space. You'll have a rare view of the water and be a little closer to partaking in one of Miles's favorite pastimes – 'zoning out in open spaces.'

a rare view of the water

Solace from the people-noise

A photographer for nearly 20 years and a former Jain monk, Miles flees to the water with his camera to explore a world unseen and find solace from the people-noise. His distinct vision has contributed to the BBC, Save Our Seas, the Cousteau family, Reef Check, Gestalten international publishing and some of the top surfing athletes in the world.

As one of the first Americans to become a Jain monk, he lived, practiced and taught at a Tirtha. His work naturally become more abstract when he later returned to photography and the water.

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