about the artist


Miles James

I was born in a small town in England and developed an unrelated, life-long pattern of zoning out in open spaces. It felt like I belonged in the places where things existed without having to prove anything. I was a black-sheep looking for a new world.



The awareness of always being on the outside extended into my career where I worked with the BBC, the Cousteau family and some of the top surfing athletes in the world. The sea became a sanctuary from the popularity contest that pervades everything on land.


fine art

Though I'll always get lost in awe staring at waves for hours, my work definitely began shifting into something abstract as I spent more and more hours alone in the water; creating imagery that represented the untamed, unending movement and change of the sea.


a real human

I'm an advocate for creating spaces where we're able to acknowledge our differences in a safe and respectful way. At the age of 29, I found out I was on the autism spectrum, and I'm very open about my experience in hopes that others feel empowered to take up space in society.